There are many instances in history that have left historians bamboozled. Students cannot find an answer to these mysteries even after getting history assignment help from the best history homework writing services. Many such incidents have happened multiple times over the course of time. Here are four such incidents that will leave you searching for answers –

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  1. The Mystery of King Arthur

The tales of King Arthur have been around for thousands of years. There are numerous stories about Camelot, Merlin the Wizard, and the famous Excalibur sword across the pages of history. However, there is no definite proof of whether King Arthur really existed. Even if you ask any professional writers, “Can you write my history assignment on King Arthur?” they won’t be able to show any definite proof of Knights of the Round Table or Battle of Saxons. So, it will always remain a mystery whether King Arthur ever existed.

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  1. Jack the Ripper

Although something as grotesque as the tales of Jack the Ripper will never feature in a history book, the late 1800s were mortified by this "urban legend". Jack the Ripper is the story of a serial killer who killed 5 women in London. The London police conducted a thorough investigation and even received taunting letters from the killer himself. However, Jack the Ripper always eluded them and remained a mystery.

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  1. Location of Cleopatra’s Tomb

The location of the tomb of the famous Egyptian queen Cleopatra is another mystery historians weren’t able to solve. My historians speculated that both Cleopatra and her lover Mark Antony were buried together in a single tomb. There are also written scriptures that place her tomb near the temple of Isis. But even after several excavations, historians have never been able to find the tomb of Cleopatra.

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  1. The assassination of John F Kennedy

This is one of the major incidents of modern history and one of the biggest mysteries of American history. When he was shot during his electoral rally, police arrested a man called Lee Harvey Oswald. However, before the police brought him to trial, he was also shot dead by a nightclub owner called Jack Ruby. So, there were many speculations that perhaps both of them worked together to kill JFK, but the truth is unknown to date.

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We can only wish that we will unearth these mysteries someday and change the course of history.